Superior Quality Flowerbed Border Installs in Alpharetta, Cumming and Suwanee, GA

What is included in our flowerbed border install services?

Our services begin with cutting in a new edge and then installing a beautiful stone border. This will help to prevent undesired plant life, such as grass and weeds, from taking root.

Why choose First String?

We are highly focused on our customer service skills. We never compromise on value. Due to this,

  • Our reliable communication with clients leads to a stress-free process.
  • As a locally owned business, we take care of you, as if you are family!
  • With each finished project, our business takes pride in serving our local community.
  • We combine our years of experience with high-quality products to ensure that your project gets the absolute best results!

Why are flowerbed border installations important?

The look of a nice flowerbed surrounded by an impeccable border is something quite spectacular. Beautiful flowerbeds and landscaping increase your property value and overall curb appeal. However, looks aren’t everything. Flowerbeds and border installations have tremendous benefits. Installing a flowerbed border gives you a precise location with incredible soil to help the growth of your plants, and in some cases food!

Flowerbed borders also allow for better drainage and water retention. They lead to less weeds and unwanted grass along with less soil erosion. Flowerbeds also allow for warmer soil, which means you can plant earlier and have a longer season without getting any soil on your feet or shoes! Imagine having a longer season to grow your plants and food! That is almost as exciting as having a longer season to watch the Georgia Bulldogs!

What should you consider when deciding on flowerbed border installs?

Growing desired plants and even your own produce is already a difficult decision. What to grow? What is in season? So why not make that your only difficult decision? When considering flowerbed border installation, leave it up to the professionals. Let them do the heavy lifting so that you can only do the gardening. This process is not as simple as one may think, you need the right amount of soil and the right cut in the border to prevent weeds and unwanted grass from getting into your grow area. All the decisions being made can lead to mistakes that cost you time and money. It may be best to look up professionals with high-quality reviews and great customer service. Let others do all the heavy lifting for you!

We are experts when it comes to helping our clients tackle unwanted plant life on their property. First String takes professionalism seriously. We are dedicated to providing a detail-oriented professional flowerbed border install service. We proudly serve the residents of Alpharetta, Cumming, Dawsonville, and Suwanee, Georgia!

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